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What is The Legend of Pirates Online?
The Legend of Pirates Online is a fan-made revival of Disney's closed MMO, Pirates of the Caribbean Online. For more information on who we are, click here to visit our About Us page.
How can I begin to play?
We're currently in closed Beta, meaning we're only selecting a few people to test the game in its early development stages. We'll have contests to choose people to test the game, if you are chosen you will receive an email with further instructions.
Will the game ever be open for everyone to play?
Of course! However right now the game is still very early in development, and we aren't really sure how much the servers can take. It currently is best to only invite a few people in at a time and grow gradually, this will ensure server stability and the overall quality of the game.
Will there ever be updates and new content?
Yes! However, our first and primary goal is to get this game back up and functioning as Disney had it, so don't expect any new content for a while.
Can I play as my old pirate from POTCO?
Unfortunately, we cannot transfer pirates over from Disney's game. Sorry!
Are there rules in the game?
Yes, there are rules in the game. These rules are to keep you safe online and to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and family friendly experience possible. All players must agree to follow our Terms of Service in order to play the game, and violations of the rules may result in serious action being taken against your account.
How much does it cost to play?
The Legend of Pirates Online is 100% free. We vow to never charge anyone to play our remake of Disney's game. We are not in this for the money or the fame, we are completely non-profit and refuse to accept donations. We will pay the necessary costs for this game completely out of our pockets. Don't worry, we gotcha covered.
What is a Beta Key and how do I get one?
A Beta Key is a one way ticket into the game! During Beta and parts of Beta only those with keys may access the game. We are having contests all the time giving them out, keep a weather eye on our website for posts about contests and giveaways!
Why do I need to have a Beta Key to play?
The Legend of Pirates Online is currently in a very early state of development, and we aren't really sure how many people we can fit on our servers without causing performance issues. If we would release without having limitations, the game would be a mess and impossible to play. Over time as we improve the servers we will be giving out more keys.


I'm having trouble with the game, what's wrong?
We're still in early stages of development and there are still a lot of kinks and crannies to work out. If you find any bugs, please report them to us so we can squash them!
I've found a bug, how can I report it?
To report a bug to us, please use the feedback tool in-game or message us on IRC by clicking here. Never tell anyone your password on IRC, when you sign in ask for support in the chat.
What is the Community Chat?
The TLOPO Community Chat is run on a communication network called Internet Relay Chat (or IRC for short). It is a simple, secure method of communication which allows us to moderate the channel, and gives us the ability to keep in contact with the users. To join a channel on IRC, you simply type:
/join #channel
where #channel is the channel you want to join. TLOPO's primary channel is #tlopo and our support channel is #tloposupport.
How do I authenticate on the Community Chat?
Visit https://gamesurge.net/newuser/ to create a new account. Once this is complete, open the Community Chat and simply type:
/authserv AUTH <account name> <password>
ensuring that you do not include the < or > symbols.

Contact Us

Have more questions? You can email us at: support@piratesonline.co

or join the Community Chat channel: /join #tloposupport

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