Deck the hulls with skulls of Jolly!

Ah! Ahoy there! Sorry, ye caught me singin' one of me favorite holiday shanties.  The Caribbean be ripe with holiday cheer as of late, and I can't get meself enough of it! The music! The decorations! The attire! I mean have ye seen the garb the Peddlers be offerin' this month? Some of these threads be absolutely stunnin'... if only I had enough gold to afford ‘em.

What's that? Hmm... Seems a little suspect to me, but I'll pass it along.  The Crew tells me that a Navy Treasure Fleet ran aground on Rumrunner's Isle.  The rascals abandoned their ship and the treasure with it.  So, every pirate that enters the codes "holidaygold" or "holidayhat" from now until January 3rd will receive 10,000 gold and a holiday hat! Not too bad, eh?

Well, I best be returnin' to the tavern! Those shanties won't be singin' themselves, will they now? Season's greetings to ye all and a happy New Year!

Dashing through the spray, in a fearsome pirate waaay!

Happy Holidays from The Crew @ TLOPO!