Ahoy ye Buccaneers,

This be The Crew writin’ to ye.  We hope ye be enjoyin’ yer holidays!

We couldn't help notice that ye are all back in action.  Ye have been goin' on adventures across the high seas, wild islands, and forts.  Many of ye have been plunderin' up the ranks, aimin' to become notorious!

In order to reward ye all for yer bravery and dedication, we have decided to double the reputation earned when defeating land and sea enemies!  This excitin' event begins…


...and will end on January 3rd, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.  We hope ye all enjoy blastin' past yer levels!

We would also like to remind ye to redeem the codes “holidaygold” to earn yerself 10,000 gold and “holidayhat” to get a very stylish Christmas hat.  Also, take note that the Peddlers are sellin' some holiday garb too.  Don’t forget to pick up these treasures, as they will expire on January 3rd as well!

Now mates, I present to ye some corny poetry from the Storyline Development Team.  Enjoy!

Dashin' up the beach
Lookin' for some grog
Cannons spin around
Oh look, they have egg nog!

Ye took the helm, I see…
Well might I tell ye matey…
That this ‘ere helm be mine…
So Gooooood-BYE. 

The Crew @ TLOPO